images of colonialism ©Sabelo Dludla

visual treatment image_title - images of colonialism ©sabelo dludla 2011

DYNGCRACY – a feature documentary on the battle of ideologies over a some hundred years
A documentary about the global project democracy that sweeps the world and subjects other nations under white ideologies and domination for eternity. Democracy has succeeded to crush other ideologies like communism, socialism, nazism, apartheid, kingdoms, dictatorship. Positioning itself through media and all other brainwashing and inception tricks as the defender of humanity, and promising human rights, peace, human unity. And asking only that humanity support and pay loyalty to it. This documentary seeks to prove that in man trying to dominate each other through ideologies of war, oppression and suppressions created a monster in democracy.  And the monster is sweeping through the world, diving humanity and conquering it. Asking only that humanity pledges loyalty and allegiance to it. Using media and personalities, good life is defined as the benefit of all those who accept democracy. Those who refuse it have their land plunged into war and pillaged. Humanity says nothing as it has been convinced that those attacking democracy (terrorists and other african countries who still believe in kingdoms, socialism. and other ideologies in the east and middle east)
Religion is also an ideology that is attached to democracy and those who practice the religion opposite to christianity are crushed.



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